May 26, 2011
January 25, 2011

The Kudzu Vine: Creeping Towards a Town Near You

December 18, 2010


Being from central Ohio, kudzu didn’t make a blip on my radar until I drove from Columbus to Hilton Head in September 2009.  While my vacationing cohorts were sleeping or rocking out to “I Gotta Feeling” on the radio, I was engrossed in the strange greenery that had engulfed the roadsides along highways in Virginia […]

All baby animals are cute. Even praying mantises.

November 6, 2010


Every year there’s a “family” of praying mantises that appear on the bushes in front of my dad’s house in southern Ohio (that is, until the bushes were chopped down, but that’s a whole other story). Two of them were moved to the “White Family Garden” and employed as natural pest managers. This summer, I […]

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Jelly in Translation

October 28, 2010


Curds, preserves and conserves.  Jellies, jams and marmalades.  Simply speaking, these are all concoctions consisting of fruits mashed up and sweetened in one way or another.  All one and the same, right?  Not quite.  So what exactly is the difference?  Well, I just happened to run across an expert to answer my question– the appropriately […]

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White Thumbs Turn Green

October 19, 2010


Last winter, my parents – Richard and Carolyn White – informed me they had decided to tear down the pool in their backyard.  It had been an unseasonably cool summer in 2009 and my dad felt the 15-foot plastic circle holding roughly 6600 gallons of water was wasting space.  Hardly anyone had parted its chlorinated blue waters in […]

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Welcome! Please have some soup…

September 6, 2010


So, what exactly is Environmental Soup? You could say it’s like a warm bowl of mixed vegetable stew – lots of color, lots of flavor, and preferably made with local farmers’ market veggies. Each article and entry will add new flavors and textures to the environmental soup stock. In other words, we’ll be writing on […]

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